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At ten I dreamed
perhaps I'd be
a teen, and double figures not enough
to comfort me.

At twenty, now
I'd learned somehow
those teen years really couldn't be all they're
cracked up to be.

At thirty, married,
kids and harried,
chasing through the years and tears that trucked
and parried me...

At forty life
begins, they said
so leave behind the things, and overhead
the airplane bins

fall open. Fifty,
scared and thrifty.
Coming soon, retirement, nifty dream
I thought, but how?

And sixty's dark desire to live again
won't comfort me.
At ten pm
I guess I'll dream, and then...

I was meant to write a blogpost about how I feel, blogging at that certain (getting ever more certain) age. But then I wrote a poem about how I feel as that certain (scary) age approaches, so I hope that's okay. As to how I feel about blogging, can someone please tell me why hours as well as clothes shrink as the years go by? If there were more or longer hours I promise I'd blog more regularly and even write more books. Instead, like the red queen, I'm running as fast as I can and not quite staying still. How about you?


beautiful poem, thank you for being part of the Between the Lines blog series. xo
I'm always looking for good books to read, though I don't often have to time to read that I would like to have. Nice to get introduced to your blog!

Dawn Lucy
1010ParkPlace said…
Your poem captures how we all feel as we age. Great job! And where do all the hours and the years go? So happy to find your blog and be included in KatherinesCorner with you this week. Brenda
SuzanneS said…
Your poem is inspiring! I am a huge reader as well. So nice to find your blog here on Between the Lines.
Sheila Deeth said…
Thank you so much Kathein, Dawn, Brenda and Suzanne. I'm really enjoying meeting so many new friends between the lines - and enjoying that feeling that perhaps the lines aren't so traumatic after all :)
Amy Johnson said…
Nice to meet you through Between the Lines. I loved your poem. It's certainly relatable. Following on Google+
Enjoyed your poem, Sheila and it sums up life pretty well. So good to meet you here at the Between The Lines series. Yes, running fast and not staying still for long is VERY relatable. I thought life, at this stage, was supposed to slow down. Sometimes I pine for that but then I remember that I get bored too quickly. Looking forward to following you!
Sheila Deeth said…
Thanks Amy. Thanks Marie. I was looking at those power tools and thinking how not me (two left thumbs as my Mum always says). Then I saw how you did the graphic. So cool!!!
Lisa Kerhin said…
Your poem was amazing and I loved it, Shelia! As a fellow Between the Lines member, I am totally with you on the running fast and not staying still for long. If it wasn't my classes making me go-go-go, then it was all of the other things I put aside for them. I love to read (when I have time) and looking forward to your reviews. I'm a fan of your blog now!
srpprcrftr said…
Love idea of between lines. Am probably too old for this age group but can very well identify. My youngest is 46 (woman) and oldest (woman) almost 56 with 52 and 53 (men) in between.
When I turned 50 something clicked right in my brain, felt more sure of self than ever had, had more fun, loved sex even more, felt free-er than ever had. Will be 76 next month but so enjoy "meeting" such fantastic women on blogs. Blog land is play land for so many and about discovering ourselves, we're not alone. I love being tiny part of it. Keeps me reading, meeting, learning so many incredible women of all ages. Happy weekend
Sheila Deeth said…
Thanks Lisa. Thanks srppr Crafter. Nice to know the years between the lines and between blogs can be such fun.
It's very nice meeting you, Sheila. I'm being featured for the last week of the series and will greatly miss this series, but I've been following everyone on social media whom I've met. It's been a fun adventure.
Sheila Deeth said…
It's sad that the series is ending. I've really enjoyed this. Nice to meet you Carol, and I'm heading off now to catch up with the final week of posts.

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