What Makes The Author Write The Book?

Today I'm delighted to welcome Bruce Edlen, author of Jazz Mergirl, to my blog. He's the author of a Jazz Mergirl, the biography of a teen activist - a book I'd certainly love to read. And here he's volunteered there to answer the question he's asked most often - Why did he write the book? I love his answer. And I know I shall love the book...

Titled Jazz Mergirl, this is the biography of Jazz Jennings, well-known teen activist and star of TLC’s I Am Jazz TV docuseries. In 2014, Jazz was chosen by TIME magazine as one of the world's "25 Most-Influential Teens,” an honor she shares with Malala Yousafzai.

The book’s profits are being donated to support Jazz’s charitable foundation TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation
Purchase Jazz Mergirl at Amazon http://tinyurl.com/joakrw9

I'm certainly intrigued, and would love to read this. What about you? And I'm intrigued to learn what led to the author writing the book. So, pull up a chair, pour a quick cup of coffee, and please join me in welcoming Bruce Edlen.

The most common question I have been asked by curious and puzzled friends and acquaintances is, why did I write this particular book Jazz Mergirl? To begin with, I was not expecting to write any book, much less one about a transgender teen activist.
But a helpful writer friend who was reading the rough draft of my book’s preface asked how my many years as an educator might have led to my interest in this subject. Thinking about her question it occurred to me that I had come to teaching with a keen awareness of the women’s rights movement, and over the years, I always made it a point with my students to ensure the girls were treated equally along with the boys. In fact, I decided to write my thesis about increasing gender equity for girls in school, and even conducted teacher trainings based on that research.
So, the path to this book was already prepared when I came across Jazz’s wonderful and inspiring story. I just knew this was something I had to share with others. But when I looked for a biography about Jazz, there wasn’t one available. That’s how I came to do what another author advised: “Write the book you want to read but can’t find.” In other words, this book found me, not the other way around.
Write the book you want to read but can't find.
What wonderful advice. Thank you Bruce. And what can you tell us about the book?
Jazz Mergirl is the biography of Jazz Jennings, well-known teen activist and star of TLC’s I Am Jazz TV docuseries. In 2014, Jazz was chosen by TIME magazine as one of the world’s “25 Most-Influential Teens,” an honor she shares with Malala Yousafzai.

Jazz Mergirl is the compelling true story of a transgender girl born in a boy’s body. It tells how Jazz Jennings and her family navigated the challenging road to transition her into the bright, beautiful, lovely teen she is today.
It is also the story of Jazz’s courage and determination in speaking out to the world about being transgender. She urges those who are “less understanding” to become more accepting of “unique and special people,” she encourages kids who are different to accept and love themselves.
Jazz is an activist, author, artist, and TV star. She has received numerous awards and other recognitions. A champion for equal rights, Jazz said, “I am honored to represent the voice of transgender children, many of whom are too afraid to speak on their own.”
Both teens and adults will be fascinated and engaged by Jazz Mergirl.  This book will also be of interest to teachers, those in psychology and gender studies programs, therapists, and people in the healthcare and child protective systems. Included are online resources, an extensive glossary, and a Q & A section, and many B&W illustrations.

It sounds really intriguing and empowering--not just in the story, but also in the inclusion of those resources. Thank you!
Bruce Edlen, M.A. ed., was a teacher for 20 years. Having worked with students as well as adults provided him with the background and skills necessary to make this story accessible and engaging to both teens and older readers.

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