One day you might hear him!

It really doesn't seem so long since I wrote a blogpost about "The Best Singer you might never hear," Liam was a finalist in Britain's Got Talent, and his soprano voice was just incredible. Then he became an alto with an amazing range, and still his voice changed. Record producers didn't want to know - they just told him to come back when his voice had broken. But Liam breaks records. His voice never broke and he's always been able to sing. Now, aged 19, he's an amazing tenor, studying at a prestigious college, coming top of his year, and looking forward to the sort of career where yes, you will hear him.

Meanwhile I got to hear Liam sing Ave Maria. I've never before been in the presence of a voice like this. I've known there are singers and good singers and more, just as there are writers, authors, good authors and more. But I'd never imagined how wonderful a seriously good singer would sound to my untrained ear. Now I know - there is nothing like it. And a CD, however good, will never seem the same.

One day, when you're famous Liam, I'll show people this photo and tell them, "I met him when..." I suspect you'll be famous long long long before I will, and that's fine. I can write, but so can half the world. You can sing like nobody else in the world. All I can say is Wow, and I'm really glad I finally got to meet and hear you.


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