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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tiffany Girl, stained glass, and romance

Deeanne Gist's Tiffany Girl releases today, and I've been lucky enough to enjoy reading a pre-release copy, so I thought I'd post a picture, and my review. It's a fun historical romance - all the flavor of Jane Austen, all the excitement of Tiffany stained glass at the Chicago World Fair, pleasantly blending modern writing with a believable historical feel, and sensuously romantic without those intrusive why-are-you-telling-me-this details.

Imagine a Jane Austen novel, transposed to the US, and set around Chicago’s World Fair. The dashing wounded hero seems like he might never fall in love. The independent adventurous heroine will surely never realize he loves her. The wise older women sees everything and keeps it to herself. Meanwhile there’s a convincing backdrop of streetcars, bad behavior, bustle-pinchers, strike-breakers, awkward parents, and a young girl who dearly wants to paint. Plus Tiffany glass.

Fascinating details weave very naturally into the story – unlocked rooms in a boarding house; dinner-time parlor games; and even the details of how stained glass windows are made. Meanwhile there’s the pleasing progression of a girl’s self-knowledge, from assumptions of greatness to that quiet acceptance which turns the ordinary into something wonderful.

Some beautiful scenes will remain with me now I’ve finished reading the novel – a skating scene where Reese’s first step into the fun zone almost turns into disaster; a moment of unexpected release when a kindness is reported; a wonderful meeting on a street-car where the tables are turned on an unruly bustle-pincher; and, of course, the long awaited scene where romance wins the day. Author Deeanne Gist does a very pleasing job with romance, carefully avoiding cringe-worthy soap-box sensuality while still teasing the senses delightfully. Suddenly it’s clear why layers upon layers of discreetness combined with a button-hook might be erotic, and it’s beautifully told.

I enjoyed watching the protagonists change in this novel. I enjoyed the details of history, life, and social change. And I particularly enjoyed the sense that life and love aren’t just defined by success. The pictures between chapters are delightful too. And the cover entices with an image that’s not quite real, but waits for semi-fulfilment, just as the character learns her fulfilment is more. Tiffany Girl is a lovely historical romance – highly recommended.

Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be given an advance proof copy, and I really enjoyed it.

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