Meeting Toi Thomas

I'm delighted to welcome Toi Thomas to my blog again. She's the author of Eternal Curse, and the keeper of the ToiBox of Words.

We decided to drink virtual refreshments and enjoy virtual cookies while catching up on each other. You can find half our very real conversation here, and the other half over on Toi's blog at

So, Toi, what's new and special in your life?

TOI: In April I’ll celebrate 10 years of marriage to my best friend. It almost makes me feel old, but who cares about getting old when you’re happy. This has been a rough winter for me, I’m feeling pretty blessed right now. I have big plans for the spring.

I'm glad you're not caring too much about the "old" word (say I, trying to hide those gray hairs). But what's "new"? What are those great spring plans for your blog?

TOI: In 2014 I started something new that I’m happy to continue. I’ve stepped up my reviewing efforts. I try to post two book reviews a month and have even started to review movies. Some people have preferences with these two story methods, but I love them both. Here’s a link to my most recent movie review.

Cool! I've never tried reviewing movies.

TOI: Also, I’ve been gaining some interest in my personal memes: My Geekdom, Top 5, and Listography. I really enjoy seeing readers contribute their answers to the post of the day. I’ve been steadily working to improve The ToiBox of Words and even just recently completed my latest renovation, which makes it easier for readers to learn about my books and find where to buy them.

I think I've decided I'm too disorganized to cope with memes. I'd never remember which day to do what. (Perhaps I could blame those gray hairs.) But what about books? Do you have anything new on the book front?

TOI: Well, now that I’m without a publisher and feeling pretty good about it, I’ve decided to hit the ground running with my Eternal Curse Series. I recently performed a cold re-launch for latest edition and am planning a big release for the sequel on May 16th 2015 at my local Tidewater Comicon. I’m so excited. I’ll even be launching a video series to promote it on my whacky You Tube channel.

Wow! That sounds exciting. I hope it goes really well. You've obviously got a very full year coming up.

TOI: I’d love for this year to be all about sales, but I honestly have more planed than that.  Since I’m crawling out of my shell, I figured I’d try some new things. I have a romance I wanted to publish early this year, but I put it aside to work on Eternal Curse, but it’s still coming out and I can’t wait to really sharing it people. I’ve already been teasing my readers with my Sample Sunday posts, which feature samples from both Eternal Curse books and my romance, It’s like the Full Moon.

 Now I'm feeling all fired up. I really need to at least hit the ground, even if I can't hit it running. I'm not sure where this year's going. But thank you so much for visiting my blog. And readers, please go to for the rest of our conversation.

Find out more about Toi, and meet her around the internet, at:

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Toi Thomas said…
I enjoyed catching up with you. Will have to do it agian some time.
Sheila Deeth said…
Indeed. And it's nice to be meeting on both sites at once. Thank you for suggesting it.

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