Saturday, January 11, 2014

Giving my Best for a Bestseller

Bestselling in free kindle Christian reference Old Testament books, Genesis People made it to #1 again today! (And it's still free until the 14th.)

That number one status and the magic word, bestseller, both sound really good to me, though my husband, ever practical, has his doubts about putting sales and free together in the same sentence. Is it cheating if it's true?

To be honest, being #9 in free kindle Christian reference seems pretty impressive too. It may even mean more to my mathematical mind, since it's a larger category, but number nine's less marketable. And there's the rub.

I want to do my best, in writing and in marketing, but the writing's more fun--it's a challenge I know I can meet; it's measurable--I know when the edits are done; and it's honest--I do my honest best. Meanwhile the marketing all too often feels like massaging statistics. (I never did like stats!) So...

Genesis People is number one. It's a bestseller. Lots of people are buying it (free, and some for real money). And...

And if that marketable statement encourages more people to read it and follow the series, I hope they'll find I did my best in writing, and I hope they'll enjoy it.

Find Genesis People in the US at
or in the UK at

or in many other countries too! (It's #1 in Canada too!)

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