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It's kind of fun to be part of a book release. I'm eagerly looking forward to Divide by Zero's release next July, but in the meantime it's nice to learn the ropes a little as I watch new books released through the WoMen's Literary Cafe. And today there are two from WLC... plus part two of a serial novel, plus two delightful books of animal tales... So grab that coffee and I'll tell what fun books I've been reading while Mum revisited Erin Hunter's Warrior cats (we both love those Warrior cats!).

First is Nickels by Karen Baney, a Christian romance set in a world of software engineers against a background of post-9-11. Office politics intrude on computer code and schedules, while out of office romance slowly heals the wounds of the past. There are some interesting questions raised and discussed in the tale, and the Arizona sunshine is warm and wonderful. Enjoy a 2-star easy-drinking coffee as you read.

Next in the 99-cent 3-get-1-free deal from Women's Literary Cafe is Andy Holloman's Shades of Gray. A father suffers the twin crises of sick child and failing business in the wake of 9/11 and looks for creative ways to rebuild his world. Sadly the black and white sureness of his youth turns into shades of gray, but there's a pleasing ray of hope despite the darkness of the material. Enjoy a 5-star bold dark coffee with this one.

Book two of the Start-Up is The Anti-Social Network by Sadie Hayes, another interesting story arc in the tale of computer genius Amelia and her more earthly twin Adam as they start up a business together. Guided by the wise, preyed on by the foolish, but never quite sure of their place in this high-finance world, they're approaching the point where their wonder-product will be announced. The atmosphere is great though I'm not too sure of the product details... still, that's just me. An enjoyable tale, short enough for a long lunch break with a 3-star smooth cup of coffee.

And finally the two books that I'm sharing with my Mum. These cats and dogs aren't warriors, but they have very determined opinions, mythology and points of view and they're truly delightful. Amy Neftzger's Bedtime Stories for Cats and Bedtime Stories for Dogs are fascinating and amusing individual books, but even better read together with 2-star bright lively coffee and bright lively pets at your side.


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