It's beginning to sound like Christmas

No, I don't meant the music. There was music in the stores today, though at least it wasn't too loud or too wearying. There were people too, all talking at once. There were children crying and parents saying "No." But that wasn't it.

The sound of Christmas was the voice of a son on the phone, happy and excited to share good news, and filling us with joy. To think that he'd tell his parents first! So now he knows where he's going next year. Now we know where he'll be. Now he can plan.

And just maybe we can plan his Christmas presents to match what he'll need. (What's the weather like in Texas?)

The sound of joy; that's the sound of Christmas. It's still ringing in my head.


Linda Kage said…
Oh, I like that. The sound of Christmas is hearing family. Very nice. Thank you!
maryrussel said…
Beautiful! Reading this and your previous articles about Christmas put me in a much better mood and I'm beginning to feel a bit more festive. Thank you.

Send my love to your mum, you, and the rest of your lovely family. A very Merry Christmas to all of you.

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