Writing Book Reviews

Most of the nings I’ve joined are for readers and/or writers, and on one of them I found myself volunteering to write some book reviews. I’d done a few reviews on gather before (www.smd.gather.com) but this time I was asked to post my reviews to Barnes and Noble and Amazon…

Yeah, I know. It’s no big deal. But I’d never done it before. Should I use my real name or stay anonymous? How much or how little should I say? And how on earth do I rate something when I’m seriously ratings-averse?

…and on Goodreads? I’d never even heard of Goodreads. So I went there, signed up, and in a spurt of unaccustomed energy ending up posting all my reviews at once, new and old. You can find them at http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2039269, though it’s not a representative selection of books that I’ve read – just of ones I’ve reviewed. Maybe I should write a few more, just for completeness. It’s on my to-do list.


A. F. Stewart said…
I'll check out your reviews at Goodreads.

I learned a few tips from a series of posts at Blogcritics this past June, if you ever want some advice.
A. F. Stewart said…
I read your reviews. You don't need my advice; they're excellent.

You should post them on Amazon.

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