Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Self-Published Books and Christmas Bazaars

I made signs with pretty pictures and too many words, added bookmarks and Christmas cards to the attractions, and attacked my second bazaar.

It was November still, pre-Thanksgiving. And we’re in a financial crisis. The window-shoppers were out in force, and many good wishes traded but not much else. I learned that “I’ll be back,” means “I probably won’t be,” “Do you have a business card,” means “I want you to pay for a table at my bazaar,” and “Good luck” means just that.

And I sold two books, two Christmas cards and one bookmark—good fun, but no profit.

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Bethany said...

Don't be discouraged. You're a good writer. You will have greater success as people begin to learn about you more.
You might have a giveaway contest or two in your area. A lot of the people who want to win something will then buy it, if they don't.